Come to The Dark Side
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DarkTower is seeking collaborative, passionate problem solvers to join us in doing big things. The work we do is important, and we need people that are dedicated, persistent and ready to be a part of something huge.

True to our mission of developing the next generation of cybercrime fighters, DarkTower partners with universities to offer students the opportunity to continue their education through our paid roles as Intelligence Analysts. We call this experiential learning — taking classroom theory to the next level by applying it to real-world business scenarios for our Fortune 100 clients.

We cultivate a company culture that’s supportive, creative and collaborative. You’ll learn from the best in intelligence gathering, analysis and investigations, and be rewarded for it with competitive pay and opportunities to earn internship credit from your university.

Sound like a good fit? We’d love to hear from you. Fill out an application and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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Sharpen Your Skills

We're an ally by your side

DarkTower was founded with a passion for two major things: disrupting cybercrime and training the next generation of cybercrime fighters.

Every media source touts the critical shortage of talent in the cybersecurity field. Our universities are faced with the impossible task of churning out enough graduates to meet the need. Our solution? Train a better cybercrime fighter and create a force multiplier to impact the cybersecurity labor shortage.

We partner with top-tier universities

We’ve partnered with top-tier universities to employ college students who are studying Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity, Homeland Security, Computer Science and other related fields. DarkTower provides opportunities for them to combine their classroom training with real-world opportunities to gather intelligence and investigate cybercrime for our Fortune 100 clients. While they’re learning best-in-class investigative and intelligence gathering techniques from our experienced DarkTower principals, they’re also gaining practical experience in writing intelligence reports, delivering executive briefings and working across teams.

Investing in the future

DarkTower also invests in preparing these new Intelligence professionals for their careers after graduation by providing professional development training on resume writing, interview skills and professional networking. Unlike other companies, we LOVE resignations, because that means that the Intelligence Analyst has graduated and is continuing to fulfill our mission of training the best Cybercrime Fighters and Intelligence Professionals.

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Be Part of Something Big

Join us in making a difference

We’re seeking passionate problem solvers to join us in making a difference. Central to our mission is building the next generation of cybercrime fighters, so whether you’re an experienced intelligence professional or a college student, we want to meet you. We’re doing big things — things you’ll be telling stories about one day. If you’d like to be a part of it, we’d love to hear from you.

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