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Queen Associates was founded in 2000 to provide IT solutions to clients in the Charlotte-metro area. As the technology landscape has shifted and more cyber-focused threats have emerged, Queen Associates responded by launching DarkTower, our cyber intelligence division, dedicated to disrupting internet-based crime.

DarkTower is on a mission. Our work is important, and we’re committed to equipping our clients with the tools they need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Our principals are experienced, passionate and dedicated to protecting what’s important and responding to attacks when they inevitably happen. Our systems and processes are effective because we’re effective — we leave no stone unturned, and we cover all the bases.

02 // Mission Statement Disrupt. Learn. Protect.

To disrupt the darkness, learn its secrets and bring every corner into the light. To protect with cyber intelligence, and constantly educate others to further the future of the field.

We are the ones who defend so good can grow.

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We Find the Red Flags



DarkTower knows where bad actors gather and we go there. Whether it’s closed criminal forums, social media or the dark web, we give you direct insight into the conversations that malicious actors are having around emerging techniques and tools for cybercrime that impact you specifically.



The marketplace is full of powerful intelligence gathering tools, but when data lacks context or timeliness, your analysts are left with more alerts than answers. Our team of trained Intelligence Analysts can provide the additional information and context you need to use your indicators and alerts to make solid business decisions and reduce risk.

From phishing investigations to insiders to suspicious users accessing your system, let DarkTower do the investigative legwork to gather the information you need.



Very few criminal actors are lone wolves. Most operate in packs, as part of a larger criminal network. DarkTower’s proprietary social network mapping techniques help you identify relationships between seemingly unrelated actors or events, providing the information you need to focus on the prime targets for engagement or disruption. No more whack-a-mole.



Our in-depth coverage of the cybercriminal underground allows us to conduct monitoring with specially trained teams, continuously vigilant for potential brand and reputation-damaging activity by malicious actors.



Do you really know your customer? Shell companies, synthetic identities and money mules make it difficult to verify true identities and ensure that you’re meeting your regulatory obligations.

DarkTower’s intelligence services and tools can peel back the layers to identify potential money laundering activities from organized crime, terrorist groups, illicit drug sales and fraudsters.


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